Emergency Supply Finder for Essentials


Last week we started noticing that a few stores around LA were running low or out of stock for a few products like hand sanitizers, water etc. We realized people are starting to stock up on essentials, with the Coronavirus looming large and already affecting so many communities around the world.

To us, Markk has always been a platform for the community to share live information with each other so everyone can make more informed decisions. Naturally, we thought we could help.

We’ve created #emergencysupplyfinder as a tool for you to share supply info from stores nearby, so everyone knows where to get the essentials they need.

So next time you visit a store to stock up, or buy something, help your neighborhood by sharing live photos and videos of essentials like water, food and sanitary products at the store. You can tag your content with our specially designed ‘stocked up’ or ‘out of stock’ sticker for quick identification.

All rated stores get added to our global map and also automatically expire in 24hrs.


Let’s help each other shop smarter in these anxious times. We may not be able to beat the virus but we can help each other deal with it better.

*We do not recommend panic buying and strongly encourage you to only buy what is essential and follow the advice given by local authorities.