Top 10 Food Delivery Apps

Mobile ordering and delivery services are growing in popularity, more and more people are using mobile ordering delivery services are growing in popularity, and more and more people are using smartphones to order food. The app with the functions of the bonus system is the best mechanism for attracting and retaining a customer today. So, what are the best apps in the online food delivery industry?

Why does a delivery service need its mobile application?

In recent years, food delivery services have become very popular. The modern delivery market offers users a huge range of services. You can get groceries from the store or a delicious dish from a restaurant within one hour. It is enough to install applications for food delivery and place an order in any of them. They allow you to get the needed products and not waste time shopping quickly. You only need to register and provide basic data to use the services.

With the delivery app, menus, promotions, discounts, delivery zones, and guest loyalty change instantly when the content in the back office changes. Orders, user profiles, and statistics from the mobile application go directly to the back office database.

The best 10 applications for food delivery

We have determined the best food delivery platforms in one range to make your choice easier. So, let’s overview the following alternatives and find which food delivery app is the most suitable.

  • Uber Eats

It is an application for iOS and Android systems giving users a huge choice of restaurants and shops for ordering food deliveries or ready meals. In total, more than 40 thousand establishments managed to connect to the service. However, the exact list of available depends on the delivery area.

  • Grub Hub

This food delivery app is available on Android or iOS. It offers courier delivery to any destination. You only need to place an order at a restaurant and place an order through the application. After that, the nearest courier will be automatically assigned.

  • DoorDash

It is one of the most popular home delivery apps for mobile phones and is available on Google Play or the App Store.DoorDash service offers to quickly bring ready-made food from a restaurant or goods from nearby stores.

  • FoodPicasso

The service was created so cafes and restaurants could organize their delivery service. FoodPicasso contains a modern design, smart shopping cart, cashback, loyalty system, and gamification – everything to win a customer!

  • FoodDelivery

The service contains a set of functions for organizing food delivery: an application for the administrator, an application for a courier and customers, its website, and a loyalty program, and you can also set up integration with a CRM system. Marketing tools will make customer interaction with your company more pleasant and effective.

  • Seamless

The application allows you to order products from the store or dishes from restaurants in a couple of clicks on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The service cooperates with many food establishments and supermarkets. Therefore, users can order food from almost anywhere.

  • Zomato

It is enough to collect the basket in the application, specify the necessary information and make an online payment. Loyal customers can count on interesting promotions and bonuses for inviting friends. Therefore, you can save on ready-made meals or goods from supermarkets.

  • Beyond Menu

The service partners with various restaurants, from nationwide chains to family eateries. Using this app, you can search for restaurants by cuisine or location, quickly order food from the menu, and track your order from the app, all seamlessly and at no extra cost.

  • Domino`s

Some restaurants offer great shopping opportunities in special offers or allow you to spend bonus points by making part of the basket free. You can pay for products with a credit card or via Google Pay.

  • Caviar

The app offers a wide range of cuisines, from sushi to fast food, and features easy ordering (including quick order change for your favorites), with the ability to track delivery, pick up food, or schedule delivery at the most convenient time.