TOP 10 Review Apps for Restaurants, Pubs and Other Business Places

When a company offers food to customers, it should always automate its business in any working format. And we want to introduce you to the solutions that will help you do this. Let’s look at what catering programs are relevant today, with all their pros and cons, and see what kind of opportunities they provide to their owners.

Programs for catering: how to automate your business?

Modern applications for restaurants, pubs, and cafes automate daily routine workflows. They include various functions, such as reports, customer base, product suppliers, and specific catering requirements like guest management, order management, kitchen and delivery, and table reservations.

Cafe & restaurant automation software includes platforms that allow establishments to complete custom orders, manage tabs, process payments, track inventory, run sales reports, and more. These programs can ease the burden of bar management while increasing security and transparency. Specialized software for restaurants or pubs is convenient at all maintenance stages. With it, you can simplify the acceptance and transmission of orders, control the consumption of food and drinks, the payment process, and track the operations performed in the database.

Restaurant review sites or apps have become a major part of the restaurant industry. Such services are convenient to use during a business trip to another city when you want to immediately get into a good institution with pleasant service and delicious food. For restaurateurs, it is extremely important to encourage customers to leave reviews about their restaurants and actively monitor what customers say.

The top 10 applications overviews for catering establishments

Over the past few years, so many new establishments have appeared that the average person does not have time to bypass them. For such cases, special applications for finding establishments were invented. We have determined 10 of the best restaurant rating apps where you can get extra information you need to decide where to eat. They are as follows:

  1. Yuma is a comprehensive restaurant business automation system of any format and scale, compatible with the most popular and efficient equipment. The software combines business processes into a single system that is easy and convenient to manage.
  2. Quick Resto is a cloud-based solution designed to simplify visitors’ seating, accept payments, print checks and improve service quality for business growth and profits.
  3. Poster Shop makes it possible to select the desired positions conveniently, import statistics, and clarify the nuances of payment and delivery – in a word. It simplifies the conduct of the HoReCa business.
  4. The updated Foursquare will help you find a place according to your preferences. Foursquare remembers search queries and likes within the service and then independently compiles a list of places that might interest you.
  5. The FoodRock application will allow you to study the menu and the specifics of serving restaurants and cafes.
  6. Open Table simplifies life and saves time when searching for establishments and promotions, reviews, and menus. But the service has another function – adding your favorite dishes to the “Favorites” section.
  7. Zomato is a resource that collects information about the best restaurants in the largest cities in the world. The main difference between Zomato and resources like Yelp is that the startup is based on the “feet on the street” principle.
  8. FindMeNoms is the one-stop destination for finding the best restaurant in town. FindMeNoms uses recommendations from your social network, not an arbitrary rating system.
  9. With over 60 million reviews and opinions from real travelers in the Tripadvisor application, you’ll find the best places to eat, sleep and play wherever you travel. It is free and easy to use in any destination.
  10. Yelp is an app that allows users to find and browse local businesses.