We don’t like the way we pick & discover places today. We look at reviews and ratings (that are old), we read through long textual essays which we anyways don’t know whether is genuine or paid for and then apply a bunch of other filters and finally we are still not sure if we have picked the right place! We feel there is a better way…

At Markk we want you to rate a place as it feels now. With one emoji. Our custom emoji. In just photos and videos. Tell us how crowded is the airport now, how’s the rush at the bar now, flag a bad service immediately… let people discover the best places in LA as they happen. The way we put it… leave your markk. Markk is a new form of Online social networking service, where we let the community to rate the places in video/photo formats.

Officially, we’re Markk Inc. Our Markk app is available on Apple and Android stores respectively. Users can download them and use it to share their ratings with the community. We have in-house design & development of these mobile applications. Users can share these ratings to any other social media platforms.

Launched in Aug 2019, we’re a bunch of crazy people that believe real-time information is the new superpower. So we’re working passionately towards making that happen.