What is Markk?

Markk is a fun, visual way to rate local businesses in real-time and get rewarded for your contributions.

Reviews get old very quickly

The vibe at places changes every day, and often many times during the day. As people come and go, they bring different energies and moods that affect how a place feels at any time. Review platforms that aggregate reviews over time are simply not designed to capture this dynamism. How often do we find ourselves having a great time in a 1-star restaurant and an OK time in a 5-star one?

Photos are better than words

We also live in an increasingly TL;DR world. Whether it is Instagram stories, Facebook or TikTok, we want things to be visual and engaging. But reviews have stayed largely the same – textual, verbose, and often too long to read. And writing reviews is so enjoyable only 2% of us actually bother. We get much more excited about sharing pictures and video than writing lengthy reviews.

Live Ratings – Real-time visual reviews

Markk introduces live ratings, a fast, new way to rate places, using just pictures or video, stickers and short text. All ratings posted on Markk appear on the feed for only 24 hours, so others get to see the best places tonight, not 2018!

A New Live Rating Scale

We also introduce a new rating scale that is fast and intuitive. Just rate if places are Dope, Okay or Nope right now, no need to fret about the number of stars to give a place. It is designed to capture the emotion of the moment rather than an analysis of the experience after the fact. And it tells you everything you need to know if a place is worth going to right now.

Points and Rewards for Creators

It is a core belief at Markk that creators, i.e. users who rate places, help the community make better, more-informed decisions, and should be rewarded for it. A points-based rewards platform is at the heart of the Markk app, and we’re excited to innovate on the ways we can reward our users. Watch this space!

What do you do with all the points? Well we’ve started off with a selection of rewards that we’d like ourselves – Like a Weekend getaway in Las Vegas for Or how about a business class trip for 2 to any destination plus hotel stay for a week?! Again, lots more to come as we grow.

Local Businesses win

With our 24 hour expiry of the homescreen feed, local businesses get to start fresh every day on Markk. We want Markk to be a platform that highlights the best businesses on any given day, rather than shame someone for having a bad day, forever. As we grow we see lots of opportunities for businesses to reach customers in real-time and in new ways.

Starting up in LA, aiming for the world

We are confident in our vision but know that getting there is a journey. We picked a vibrant, diverse city like Los Angeles to help us refine Markk into a product that is ready for the world. The first phase of our marketing and user engagement is focused in Los Angeles, but the app can be used anywhere.

Be an early adopter, you’ll love Markk

Join us, visit our website, download Markk. We promise you’re going to love it. And write to us, tell us how we can make you love it even more!